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Podcast Show Notes

ACT Artistic Director John Langs returns to the ACTNow mic — this time as a guest!
Go inside the mind of a director. Join John as he shares his career journey and how he takes a play from page to stage.

Catching up with John Langs

A Work from Home Q&A

What does an average day look like for you right now in this era of COVID?

Take two parts parenting a very precocious three year old; one part reading the tea leaves; two parts excitedly imagining the future; a dash of “what’s next?” and four parts Zoom conference. Shake it all over ice and pour into a chilled glass.

What most excites you about your role as ACT’s Artistic Director?

Working with the amazing and dedicated ACT team. Watching artists of all kinds grow and stretch to reach their potential and I hope to be among them.

What are you watching, reading or binging?

The Beautiful and the Damed by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Last Dance (Michael Jordon Documentary on Netflix). Guilty pleasure: watching Married at First Sight with my beautiful wife.

John Langs in rehearsal

What tunes are on your work from home playlist?

  • Blackbird — The Beatles
  • Superstition — Stevie Wonder
  • The Boxer — Simon and Garfunkel
  • Halo — Beyoncé
  • The Cave — Mumford and Sons
  • Ophelia — Lumineers
  • Shake it off — Taylor Swift
  • Like Real People Do — Hozier
  • Let me Down — Oliver Tree
  • God’s Plan — Drake

Plus, throw in some binaural beats

Take out, delivery or cook at home?

We cook. Actually my wife cooks. I help and watch in awe. I do bake banana bread, though,… too much banana bread.

What’s your favorite Quarantini?

I was drinking very fancy cocktails at the beginning of all of this. Two months in, I’m into keeping things very simple. Gin and tonic.

What else is on your mind?

Things will get better. I am reading some incredible stories right now. This is a moment of great realization and if we can harness it, we will be different and we will be better. I am so grateful every day to be part of an amazing artistic community.

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