Crumbs/Migas playwright Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth and director Kelly Kitchens (A Christmas Carol) came together to discuss their collaboration on this new work and much more in this ACTLocal Playwright Series panel. The hour includes one of the play’s scenes as performed during a cast reading and audience Q&A.

Crumbs/Migas Synopsis

In a fictional Latin American country, two hungry children are orphaned by a U.S.- backed coup. Fifteen years later they return, a modern-day Hansel and Gretel, to follow what migas they can in search of their father. Revisiting the scene of the violence they survived, they discover a landscape of secrets and sacrifice they are only beginning to understand.

Delivered through compact and electric dialogue, and leavened with compassion and even humor, Crumbs / Migas is a play about the grief and grace we encounter on the way home.

Go Inside the Play – Video Dramaturgy

Dramaturge Julieta Vitullo discusses the inspiration and main elements of the play in this engaging video study. This dramaturgical presentation introduces the historical events that served as inspiration for the fictional country of Kantuta Rica in Crumbs/Migas, and provides a quick refresher on the Brothers Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel, which the play rewrites as a modern tale.