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Pass Over

Dates: May 31-June 23, 2019
Run Time: Approximately two hours and twenty minutes, with one intermission
Location: The Allen Theatre

Moses and Kitch stand around on the corner – talking smack, passing the time, and hoping that today a miracle will come.  A provocative mashup of Waiting for Godot and the Exodus saga, PASS OVER exposes the unquestionable human spirit of young black men who dream about a promised land they’ve yet to find.

Pass Over was listed in the NYT list of Best Plays of 2018

“In the last year I’ve seen six new plays about young black men being murdered in America. Though all were powerful, they faced a common difficulty: How to theatricalize in one gesture both individual devastation and collective disaster. Antoinette Nwandu’s solution in this searing drama is to weld the story of two black youths in a city like Chicago to spiritual antecedents including enslaved African-Americans, biblical Israelites and Beckett’s hobos Vladimir and Estragon. In Danya Taymor’s production for LCT3, the combined weight of the past and the present was overwhelming.” –Jesse Green, New York Times, Best Theatre of 2018

Playwright Antoinette Nwandu discusses the inspiration behind Pass Over at Lincoln Center Theatre. Watch the video now!


Creative Team
Julia Hayes Welch, Scenic Designer
Ricky German, Costume Designer
Andy Smith, Lighting Designer
Sharath Patel, Sound Designer
Tori Thompson, Stage Manager
Aviona Brown, Production Assistant

June 4 | 6:00 pm 
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June 6 | 6:00 pm
Red Carpet Opening Night
Enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne and be a part of the excitement on Opening Night!

June 9 (evening) and 18 | after the show
Facilitated conversations after the performance with members of the audience about the themes of the play. 

June 14 (evening) | 6:00 pm
Deep Dive
A series of performances, lectures, or panel discussions that allow you to dig deeper into the themes of the play before the performance. 

June 11, 16 (evening), and 22 (matinee) | after the show
Cast Chats*
Conversations with cast members following the performance.

(*Subject to change)

Friday, June 21

Note: the ASL by the actors is delivered primarily toward seating section C in the theatre.

Age & Content Considerations: Pass Over contains loud gunshots and frequent and extreme profanity. The show is recommended for ages 15+.

ACT believes that our patrons can determine what is offensive for themselves, and what is appropriate for their children. We don’t create age restrictions but do our best to offer content advisories for each show. For detailed information about show content and possible triggers, please contact communications@acttheatre.org.

“Searing, daring, blazingly theatrical and thrillingly tense.”
—The New York Times

The New York Times

“PASS OVER is ingenious, poetic and unsettling. An intimate political play that will leave you shaken.”
—Time Out New York

Time Out New York

“Provocative and exquisitely written. A new masterpiece of modern drama.”


“Antoinette Nwandu’s play is marked by her incredible intellectual curiosity and personal conviction. It is the result of questioning the conflict of two deep beliefs both represented by stories that are familiar; Beckett’s post-war classic Waiting for Godot, and the Exodus story from the Bible. Godot is a comedy about the existential angst of waiting for someone to come to give our lives meaning. Exodus is the story of the promise God made to a chosen people to deliver them through the dark night of slavery to pass over to the promised land. Nwandu reframes these stories in an absurdist play whose muscular, propulsive dialogue leaps and bounces with the energy and music of an extended poetry jam.”
—John Langs

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