The dead travel fast.

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Dates: Oct 18-Nove 17, 2019
Run Time: 90 minutes with no intermission
Location: The Falls Theatre

Steven Dietz has re-adapted his Dracula for ACT’s stage. Bram Stoker’s original Victorian gothic novel, published in 1897, instantly became a classic of the genre, and established vampires as the most charismatic and enduring supernatural villains ever to hide in the dark corners of our imagination. Dietz is giving ACT a new spin on the old tale to create a thoughtful and haunting interpretation of the story for a 21st century context.

Khanh Doan, Mina
Lindsay Evans, Maid/Vixen/Attendant
Basil Harris, Renfield
Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako, Lucy
Brandon O’Neill, Count Dracula
Adam Standley, John Seward
TBD, John Harker

Creative Team
John Langs, Director
Matthew Smucker, Scenic Designer
Deborah Trout, Costume Designer
Andy Smith, Lighting Designer
Robertson Witmer, Sound Designer
Erin Zatloka, Stage Manager
Anne Hitt, Assistant Stage Manager

October 22 | 6:00 pm 
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Get closer to the artists with Classical KING FM’s Sean MacLean as he interviews the creative minds behind the shows.

October 24 | 6:00 pm
Red Carpet Opening Night
Enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne and be a part of the excitement on Opening Night!

October 27 (evening) and November 5 | after the show
Facilitated conversations after the performance with members of the audience about the themes of the play. 

October 31 (evening) | 6:00 pm
Deep Dive
A series of performances, lectures, or panel discussions that allow you to dig deeper into the themes of the play before the performance. 

October 29November 3 (evening), and 9 (matinee) | after the show
Cast Chats*
Conversations with cast members following the performance.

(*Subject to change)

Friday, November 8

Note: the ASL by the actors is delivered primarily toward seating section C in the theatre.

Age & Content Considerations: Contains adult themes.

ACT believes that our patrons can determine what is offensive for themselves, and what is appropriate for their children. We don’t create age restrictions but do our best to offer content advisories for each show. For detailed information about show content and possible triggers, please contact

“I am delighted to revisit my established adaptation of DRACULA with a new version developed specifically for ACT Theatre. This version is subtitled “Mina’s Quest”, and it seeks to deliver all the luscious fear of the original, while making Mina – Dracula’s targeted bride – the central detective in charge. I’m eager to work with John Langs and ACT’s remarkable theatre artisans to bring this story to life in a new and thrilling way.”
—Steven Dietz

There will be plenty of good, scary fun for the whole family, but also come compelling thoughts about the conflicts between faith and science, desire and fantasy, and the intellectual and sexual empowerment of women in a male-dominated society. Dietz shows us that Stoker’s novel wasn’t just a pot-boiler, and that part of its continued hold on the imagination of millions is that we recognize our own preoccupations amongst Victorian melodramatics,”
—John Langs

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