ACT Theatre and One Coast Collaboration have partnered on a new play festival that’s all about creating an environment that is rich for creative opportunity between artists. The ACTONE New Play Festival will create an opportunity for playwrights, directors and actors to spend time developing new scripts and creating an atmosphere for collaboration with all participants.

By partnering with One Coast Collaboration (with their history of bi-coastal play making) ACT hopes to create a program wherein new plays can be completely developed with the goal being a fully realized production. The use of multiple venues in ACT’s building is integral to the community-oriented spirit of the festival. After three days of work, the plays will hold readings which will be open to invited artists from the community to come for an intimate and energetic experience of new play making. This year’s ACTONE Festival will focus on plays by Philip Dawkins, Mara Nelson Greenberg, Martyna Majok, and Wayne Rawley & Martin Lowe, with participating directors Sheila Daniels, John Langs, Michael Place, and Pirronne Youefzadeh.

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